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Monday, October 22, 2018

Miller Cabin

 Wow -- Hard to take in all the cool stuff we did on this cabin. An old barn was taken down and roof and wall wood was saved to use on this cabin. Wood reverse lap siding, metal from the barn om the siding and also in the soffit overghangs. Zoom in and take a look.

 Metal soffit overhangs and cedar ceilings under the porches

 Reverse lap siding and old barn roof metal with galvanized flashings below, no we didn't charge extra for the rust.
 Interior brick in the kitchen brings the rustic inside

 We added some galvanized 1/2 round gutters for funtion and style.

What more could we have done? Nothing... It's perfect

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Flygare Res Alpine Utah

We had a great time with this design and style. Entry has Tuscan Cast Panels to set off the Iron door and really make it stand out, brake up the stone and give the entry just what it needed.

We changed the levels of the stone to keep from having horizontal line accross the front. I really like how it steps up toward the entry until the stone is full height at the front center.

You have to love the cedar T&G ceilings in the porches. We felt like black would be just to dark and even thought the stone and stucco looks white it is not and a white aluminum would have looked really white and out of place. Cedar, natural color, was just the ticket.
We added some black scuppers and round downspouts to bring in some bling to the front.

We kept just enough stone in the back to break up the stucco. The stucco is our own custom off white with a fine aggregate finish. No trim bands keeps it nice and clean.

Bringing the outside in with this fireplace. We did a little different stacking of the stone inside and the solid stone hearth makes this a focus in the family room.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Tucker Row Townhomes for Vollkommen Construction

 Just finished up this project in Vineyard Utah

Monday, April 24, 2017

Just Right Homes by Junior Phelon

This beautiful homes sits on the foothills of Lindon Utah.
 The Limestone (New Cast Stone) entry is a great frame for the iron doors

 The Chimney was so great it needed to have a crown. Windows and  doors are bordered with cast limestone as well as the stone wainscot cap.

 Everthing looks sharp with the dark bronze fascia, soffits & gutters

Friday, April 7, 2017

Killowen Construction - Midway Utah

Fun when a house comes to gether with unique colors.

 Some nice details in white really stand out against the RED