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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

All American - American Fork

 Were able to keep the look and feel of this house while keeping in budget by adding stucco. We kept the shake and B& B siding. If you are trying to stay in budget just ask how we can redesign your exterior to fit your budget. I think you will still like it.

All American - Back in Black

 When they told me to paint this house black and white I thought they were just kidding. I was pretty skeptical about the final outcome. I thought only my little brother could like that.
 Actually.... I kind of like it.
 We built a custom post on the entry that I wish we would have painted white but it still looks good. I hope you like this and if you have an idea that is going to be a little different. Just go for it!!!!

Vollkommen - Steeple Chase in Pleasant Grove

 What can I say about this project. The picture speaks for itself. There is allot going on on this combination retail/residential building. It is the brain child of the builder that put this together. Cement board siding, stucco, thin cut bricks and natural thin stone.

Dan Nelson Sundance Cabin

 We had a great time transforming the outside of this little cabin in Sundance. We had a few delays getting this project done but were able to beat the weather. I didn't mind stretching out the days so I could go hang out at this great little spot in the forest.
 Before picture.. Not sure how old this cabin is but this is the original siding with no protection other than a nice coat of oil.
 The stone is a natural thin stone called Cinnamon Lake. Stacked tight with a Sabastian Stone sill.

Just Right Homes JRH in Pleasant Grove

 I hope you like this home. It is a great combination of stucco and stone. I really like the textures and colors that were picked.
 We didn't have anything to do with the garage doors but they are pretty great!

The Fireplace inside was done with a thin natural stone and manufactured hearthstones. I love that all the interior walls and ceilings were done with wood. It really feels cozy.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Robison Construction - Alpine Utah

 This house in Aline is very unique. Ir was a fun project for us. We took off all the trim bands and made some clean lines. Looks great and let's the black windows really stand out.
 The interior of the front entry is a natural limestone. This was fun to do as I had just returned from Israel where everything is faced in Limestone.
 The stone is a natural thin stone called grey strip with a natural mortar color. We added the chains on the gutters for style, but also to keep from having to run downpouts onto the posts.
I need to get some additional picture that show the whole house. I'll work on that later. Thanks Gene, a great project.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bryce Nelson Sawgrass

 I really should take a picture of the view of the mouth of American Fork Canyon from the living room windows. It is beautiful. In the winter you can see a herd of Mountain Sheep across canyon road lingering on the golf course and the side hills.
 We still have a little bit of work to do here on the foundation and we will be power washing the stone to bring our some of the vibrant colors that are still hiding. This is a natural thin stone that we call Apache. We mixed some smooth and tumbled Apache together this time as the stone continually changes as it is quarried.

 I really like how the stone caps look on the front posts.
 Work in progress, our guys installing the shake.