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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


The next 2 homes were just completed in Salem Utah for Brad Hales. They are next to each other in a quiet little culdasac. Couldn't ask for better neighbors.

We really enjoyed working with Brad. He has a great vision for for design and colors that just really make us look good.
 Grey has been a favorite color this year. It is harder than you think to pick out just the right grey color without it turing purple or being to blue. This is the perfect grey to match the Platinum Stone that runs all the way around the house.

I think little details, like the gable vent externded out in the gable to make room for the three small corbels, just makes the finish look POP!

Brad Hales Built Homes

                 We just finished up this Beautiful Home for this wonderful Family in Salem
 The front entry was higlighted by the stone and brick but.... That Door!! Wow You have be inside to and open the glass side light to really appreciate it. (We didn't supply the door, just love it)

 It is really difficult to get the right combination, color and style of stone and brick to look good together. These guys nailed it.
                                                               Basement Fireplace

                                                           Great Room Fireplace

 I know you are going to zoom in on thes picture of the kitchen. We cut down the exterior brick to 3/4" and added it to the backsplash of the kitchen. Could anything look cooler?  I think not!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Kevin Brooks - Clark Res.

 I just drove by thos home in Midway today. I couldn't help but take some pictures to post.
 I love the stone and stucco texture and colors. The stone is 4"-5" thick layed with lots of mortar.
 We made our base stucco coat a heavy, not leveled, base. and the finish was a smooth texture.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


We Love to do Remodels because of the transformation

                                             Kinda cool, I would say. Thanks Scott & Lynn

Monday, November 3, 2014

Vollkommen Construction - Edgewater

There is allot going on here. Stucco, Siding, Stone. It's a great development just off Geneva Road

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Titan Constructors Parade Home 2014

 We had such a great time working on this Parade home with Shawn and the homeowners. They were both great to work with. There was allot going on and lots of ideas and design work that happened on the go.
 Cement Board Lap, post & beam wraps. Hand dipped cedar shakes, "Customized" Brick, Natural Stone. All came together to create this great house.
 I can't tell you how we made this brick. It's a secret..
 Interior brick was so fun to do. Planned to paint it all white but we loved the color that it added to the house so just kept it.
 In the kitchen
 In the Bedroom

In the Living Rm

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Kevin Brooks French Country

 I think you are going to like these photos. This house is in Midway, I think it is still for sale, in Cascades @ Soldier Hollow. The style is French Country. The contractor and his daughter have a great eye for style and color. I just really love it.
 We actually built the planter boxes, wood headers and shutters from an old dairy barn that was laying on the ground just a stones through from this house.
 This is our custom texture that for me fits so well with this house
 Love the grey door, I think I might copy this on my own house.
 How do you like the shutters and planter boxes? The planter boxes are sitting on some corbels that we installed to support the planters. Sooooooo Cool!!!