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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Residential Design - Cody Trotter

Finished Fireplace - All ready for a big flatscreen T.V.
Cody Trotter is the owner of Residential Design and Construction. As you can see from these pictures he does a great job. He is unique in that he does the design, draws up all the plans, plans are as good as any I see. He does all the framing, finish work and more. He is always on the job to keep us on track and answer any questions or make needed changes. We have been working with Cody for several years and it has always been a great experience.
We work with a bunch of really great contractors but Cody springs ahead of all the rest by doing one extra thing that makes working on his projects great. He always pays us when we are done. I don't mean eventually he pays us in 30 to 60 days out, but usually as we are cleaning up. Not sure how he wrestles the draws out of the bank before we even get finished but it has saved our bacon a few times and it is always great not worrying about how long we may have to carry the labor and material bills associated with doing our work. Thanks Cody
The stone is a blend of 4 different stones blended together. Our guys did a great job and made it look easy. The soffits & Fascia is Musket Brown and we even made this cool Chimney Cap.

I really liked how the small brick wainscoat and stone transitioned. We added a stone sill above the brick. Didn't have a good picture of the stucco but the color is Spectrum Brown on the wall and 200% Spectrum Brown on the trim bands.
I think I will try to get a picture of the fireplace finished, but here is a picture of the guys busy working on the fireplace. They are the best!