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Monday, November 28, 2011

PGL Construction Centerville

This home was done for Reggie at PGL Construction. I like how the color turned out. When Reggie gave us the colors and stone I was a little skeptical at first. But the combination of stone, stucco, tuscan cast shapes and soffits really work together.This is a close-up of the window trim that we added throughout the house. This is a Tuscan Cast Stone. It has a foam core and very light. Looks great!!!

The arched entry turned out great with the Tuscan Cast Stone to make the arch.

Residential Design - Salem #2

This home in Salem was done for Cody Trotter, he built this home for his Uncle & Aunt. I really like the colors and all the stone. We call this stone the Cody Blend. The stucco is Spectrum Brown on the walls and 200% spectrum brown on the trim bands.Cody had another homeowner have him build the exact same house in Ft Green that we just completed as well.

We did all the soffits & fascia, as well as this chimney cap.

All American Garage Wall

We had an concrete foundation for this garage that looked pretty ordinary. Instead of just doing plaster or stucco decided to add stone to the wall. Here is almost after picture.
Here is the before picture. I think it looks much better now.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Volkommen Construction

These 2 Craftsman Style Homes are just off Canyon Road in Provo. West of Timpview high School. We used a mix of shake and lap siding. The shake is a composite called LP Shake and the siding is Hardi Cement Board. The stone is a thin natural stone and we made the nice chimney cap to top off things.
It was fun to see these homes come together with the great colors that they chose. Not a single bit of stucco but we did them just the same.

This close-up of the porch shows the stonework on the columns. Click on the picture to zoom in and out.

This was a fun project for us. We added a natural thin stone to the front posts, not much but enough to add some style to the front of the home. I really like the colors that Mike and Lisa (contractors) picked out. This home is for sale just below Timpview High School. If you are looking for a great house in a prime location go take a look.
This is the best picture. click on the image to zoom in.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Platinum Landscape - Retaining Wall

Our friend Rick Minzer owns Platinum Landscaping. He is a talented visionary Landscaper and creates beautiful yards. We were lucky to be involved in one of his projects and turned an ordinary retaining wall into an extension of the house. The house was already existing and it was our challenge match not only the stucco from the foundation but the Tuscan Stone work from the entry. Take a look and see what you think, I think it turned out great.
Above the wall has a Tuscan Stone cap and stucco on the concrete wall to match the stucco on the house foundation. We hand applied Tuscan Stone to these concrete pillars below and hand scribed the block joints and put chinking into the joints to look like block.
The cap on the wall and pillars were precast by Tuscan Stone and set in place. We had a couple of hick-ups along the way. The cast shapes came and the color had some pink cast to it and the texture wasn't quite what we had hoped. We ended up hand applying a new finish over the cast parts to get the right color and texture. Our guys saved the day with there great abilities. If you remember we had some very wet weather in May. So we discovered that if you add a sealer to the Tuscan Stone prior to the moisture totally getting out of the Tuscan it will all turn a very bright white color. Wish I had taken a picture. Not to worry however, a little acid, a brush and a power washer takes it right off. Thanks Heavens.
Anyway, love how it looks with the landscaping all done. Thanks to Rick for including us in this project.

Alpine Deck

We resurfaced this existing deck. We cleaned, primed, replaced the outside drip edge, primed and applied a great waterproof membrane over the existing surface. We sealed and added these color flakes to protect the surface and add this great look. We also, taped off some joints for an added look. I really like how this turned out.
This beautiful home in Alpine had a great backyard and view of the mountains. The deck was leaking and causing damage to the stucco on the face and around the pillars.

This is what the deck looked like prior to our new finish. Not that attractive and not functioning properly as a waterproof surface.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

C&R Stone - Alpine Home Remodel

This is a picture before we fixed the exterior. The home may appear to be okay from this picture, but there were many cracks and water penetration areas. This home was a disaster hiding behind the stucco. I will attach some pictures below of the yuck hiding behind the stucco.Since we were doing much of the exterior I drew some rendering with some stone added to jazz it up a bit. I like it much better.
Before :(
After :)

This is what happens to exterior sheeting when the stucco and roof flashing are not installed properly. This home had leaking inside ever since it was built. This is below the front window.Below the roof line, no roof flash kick-outs and the window was not flashed. The yellow that you see is actually the interior insulation. Yuck!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jr Phelon - Highalnd

This house in Highland at the entry to Canterbury has turned out great. Jr and I designed the exterior and picked colors and stone to highlight this craftsman style. This photo the right side is not completely painted but I will get an updated picture later. You can see on the left side we used a smooth finish stucco system on both sides and rear, we trimmed out windows, soffits and corners to tie into the siding. Someone asked Jr why we didn't just continue the siding around. He had a very good answer and said "about $7,000.00 dollars" Pretty good reason.Corbels really look nice matched with the wood door, set off by the white trim. The painter and I thought it would look better to change the trim to brown. Jr just couldn't let go of his vision to border it all with white to really get the colors and style to pop.
As you can see from these pictures... Jr. was right!
The stone is a natural thin stone. When we put it up the colors were pretty muted. But after Phil power washed the stone the colors really changed. Take a look at the stone on the next few pictures to see how much it changed the colors.

This is the stage when we were trying to decide the trim colors. Left side brown, right side white. Yes, Jr. you were right about the white. Jr had John change the white to an off white to match the stucco and it really was the right choice for this house.

The fireplace inside didn't give us enough space below the fireplace to add hearthstones, so we cut down some brick and made the hearth out brick. I really like the contrast with the brick here and the stone looks great inside with the colors.