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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jr Phelon - Highalnd

This house in Highland at the entry to Canterbury has turned out great. Jr and I designed the exterior and picked colors and stone to highlight this craftsman style. This photo the right side is not completely painted but I will get an updated picture later. You can see on the left side we used a smooth finish stucco system on both sides and rear, we trimmed out windows, soffits and corners to tie into the siding. Someone asked Jr why we didn't just continue the siding around. He had a very good answer and said "about $7,000.00 dollars" Pretty good reason.Corbels really look nice matched with the wood door, set off by the white trim. The painter and I thought it would look better to change the trim to brown. Jr just couldn't let go of his vision to border it all with white to really get the colors and style to pop.
As you can see from these pictures... Jr. was right!
The stone is a natural thin stone. When we put it up the colors were pretty muted. But after Phil power washed the stone the colors really changed. Take a look at the stone on the next few pictures to see how much it changed the colors.

This is the stage when we were trying to decide the trim colors. Left side brown, right side white. Yes, Jr. you were right about the white. Jr had John change the white to an off white to match the stucco and it really was the right choice for this house.

The fireplace inside didn't give us enough space below the fireplace to add hearthstones, so we cut down some brick and made the hearth out brick. I really like the contrast with the brick here and the stone looks great inside with the colors.

C&R Stone - Yates Remodel

We teamed up with Cory and Rhett from C&R Stone to do this exterior facelift. We removed all the exterior metal siding. Left the brick in place, and prepped the whole house for stucco and stone. The stucco is Montessary Brown with Amarillo White trim. The stone is a natural this stone that Rhett and Cory brought in for this project.

It is one of the funnest things to work with a great homeowner and be able to change the look and feel of a home. I think they liked the outcome.