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Friday, June 18, 2010

Worcester Construction - Shrader Remodel

Dave Passey is the contractor on this addition remodel. I will try to get some before pictures when we are done so you can see the huge transformation that has taken place. As you can see we are still working on this project. I am putting the post on here because the homeowners scheduled a trip to France some time ago and had to leave before it was completed. They are anxious to see the progress. So, here you go Vince and Michelle Shrader. I wish I was in France with you.We have been waiting on some of the window surrounds. Filiberto and Ruben are working on the front door trim.
We are working on a mortar color that will fit this beautiful stone. We added some blond color to get a little yellow into our gray base. It will take awhile to dry so it is hard to know how light it will end up being but if you look at the stone on Bryce Nelson - Loveland it is the same mortar color. I would like to move forward and finish the stone up but want to get a go ahead from the Shrader.
This stone is called Grandberry and I still need to find out where it comes from. It is a striking match to the stone that is throughout France and I think is the perfect pick for this house. The stucco color is Sunset Yellow with a texture finish applied.
We are still waiting for all our shapes to arrive. Still no left hand sills. These beautiful window surrounds are a lightweight, foam core, with natural limestone applied over the top. It is called Tuscan Stone and I will put a link to their site on this blog when I figure out how how to do that. I will ask one of my kids.

Bryce Nelson Residence - Interior

We don't have many interior pictures for our blog, but I am certain after you all see this we will have more to come. Bryce was telling me about this very cool fireplace and i asked him if I could do some Tuscan Plaster with some water stains. This is why I love to work with Bryce, he said sure sounds good to him. Here is what we ended up with. I hope you like it as much as we do.
The stone is the same as the exterior "Jackson Moss" with Khaki Mortar color. We also ordered a 2.5 inch thick solid piece of sandstone for the hearths. They are very cool but I wasn't sure we were ever going to get them inside. I am not sure how much each one weighed but 6 grown men could lift it up but moving it was a different story. Anyway we couldn't drive the forklift inside the house so with some old ancient tricks I picked up from the egyptians we were able to get them in and set.
The top is Tuscan Plaster over 2" thick foam to build it out past the stone. We used a neutral color and added some brown and a little green colors to our staining. We were also working on the brick wall in the entry and Bryce let us inset some of the bricks into the foam.
This is the Kitchen exhaust that we used the same technique as the fireplace. The house is very open and the kitchen and family room are together so these 2 features really look great together.
In the entry we also applied Tuscan Plaster right over the sheetrock and did some staining as well. It's hard to see and I couldn't get a good picture. The brick that we put on the entry wall is a thin cut brick, but you would never know it. It will look even better when Bryce gets some pictures mounted over it.

Bryce Nelson Residence - Exterior

Bryce Nelson finally built himself a house. We really had fun working on this with him. I had to separate the posts on this house to include the cool stuff Bryce let us do on the interior. But the stone on the exterior turned out great. What do you think?
The Stone was gathered out near Jackson Hole Wyoming area and is why it is called "Jackson Moss" It is a Natural thin stone just picked of the ground. If you zoom in on the pictured maybe you can see the different color of moss growing on the stone. Also, the stone sills are a sandstone called Sabastian.
We waited for the concrete to be poured so we could take the stone all the way down over the foundation to the concrete. This was my great idea and I think it was a good one.
Zoom here to see the moss colors. Also we added a some color to our mortar to get it to match the stucco. The mortar color is Khaki 1.5 lb color bag to two 70 lb bags of spec mix.
The stucco color is a color Bryce and I made up years ago on a home that we have used on a few other homes and decided it was only fitting that we used it on his house since we named it "Brycewood Brown" We did a slight texture finish.

Evolution 2010 Parade

Mitch Josephson entered this remodel addition into the Utah Valley Parade Home. The house turned out great and the owners spent the last month of construction and the Parade in China, I think they will be pretty happy to return home tired to their new home.This is the rear where we did most of our work. We also built a block wall and applied a manufactured stone to exterior and a precast cap made for us by Brailsford. It turned this patio into a nice little area for relaxing in an easy chair in the afternoon.
The Stucco Color is Natural White and Trim banding is Light Gray. The stone is a Cultured Stone from Hearth & Home.

Arthur Lewis Fine Home - Cedar Hills

This home sits on the east bench of Cedar Hills. Dave Lewis was the contractor and I can't remember the owners as it was several years ago that we did this home but I really like it and I had some pictures on my computer of it already.The whole exterior is stucco, and usually I like to add a little stone or brick this house was fit for just stucco. The window surrounds, sills, base and corbels are all foam shapes that we stuccoed.
The main color is Sandman and the Trim color is Sandstorm both Synergy Colors with a smooth texture finish.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bryce Nelson - Loveland Res.

We have been working with Bryce Nelson for many years, this was a parade home that we did with Bryce several years ago and he has been involved in 2 addition remodels with the Loveland's. This is the latest addition, we tied into the old, added stucco, stone and brick.
It was a bit tricky matching the old stone as the original company was no longer in business, but we put together a blend of stones that I think matched pretty good.

This is the largest part of the addition built out over the deck is a very cool master bedroom and above the garage a large exercise room complete with a sauna and golf simulator. My wife, the trainer, would be in heaven.
This is part of the exercise room we plastered the interior walls with textured, colored plaster called Diamond Wall. It looks oldish and made the room fir the back alley theme.

Tamarak Homes

This is a home in Alpine, Utah that we did the stucco, stone & brick for Eric with Tamarak Homes. This was one of many unfinished bank repo's that needed to be completed by the bank in order to sell the home. Thanks to the recent economic crash we were left holding the bag on many homes but thanks to some of our great contractors we were able to stay busy during a very slow time finishing homes that were started by others and never completed.

We did a few fireplaces inside the home. This one was brick with a brick hearth
This fireplace is stone with precast Hearthstones.


This is an office building in Highland we did for Dave Lewis and Arrowstar Construction, we did just the stucco on this building
We are in the process with All American Construction's Majestic Meadows Project. We are doing the stucco and stone on several buildings. It is a great looking project in Pleasant Grove just north of the rodeo grounds on state street. This is Interstate Barricade's building.
This is the south side of a larger building for Timp Dry Cleaners. We are in the process of completing this building to the north
Orem, Utah TechnaGlass on 800 North just east of I-15. We did the stucco and the stone on this building.

Shannon & Julie Lawson

I finally made it out to Erda to get some pictures of The Lawson's Home. I love the blend of shake, board & batt, stucco & natural stone.Entry with cement board shake and board & batt siding. We had a stone sandblasted with their address into it. Cool.
I also like the corbels. We had them made in Heber and the painters painted them white.
Painter's matched our stucco colors for the siding: Calahan and Super White (Dryvit Colors)

This is our good friends from back at Tooele High School, Class of 82. We have been able to stay in touch with the Lawson's, unlike many of our old friends. Both of our families have been spending our Thanksgiving break at Snowbird and have had some great times in the snow, swimming, playing games and eating. Shannon is also our families dentist so every few months whether we like it or not we get to visit with Shannon in an up close and personal way.

We started out with all siding and stone but were able to save some money by integrating some stucco and making it look like board & batt siding to keep the look and style of the home consistent throughout. The sides and back are all stucco and stone and the front is cement board shake siding and stone. The stone is the same as the Murry's home in Provo a thin natural blend. I love this house and need to get a current photo to add, we finished this home a few years ago.

Gene Robison Construction - Murray Res.

This is is one of my favorite homes that we have done of all time. Pictures just can't show how great this home turned out. The owners wanted a Tuscan type look and we were able to help them with colors and some mild antiquing added to get just the right color and texture.The stone is a blend of a couple of natural thin stones that we picked out and the corbels and window surrounds are all stucco shapes. We used a brown on the corbels to look like wood and a gray tone on the shapes to look like concrete.

This home is owned by Tammy and Taz Murray and is east of Timpview High School in Provo.