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Monday, January 31, 2011

All American Construction - Bingham Chiropractic

Stucco color on the crown and lower wall is light beige and the Center Band and Trim is Sandlewood Beige. The Binghams picked out the colors. I think they did a good job.

The Stone is Uintah Ledgestone - Chablis. A Harristone from Hearth a Home, we didn't drystack the stone but put a small joint with some color in the mortar.

It was pretty cold a few of the days, this is the guys working under the tarps. We have several high BTU diesel heaters. They keep it a nice comfy temperature so the finish can dry without freezing and makes it nice to work even if it's cold.

Almost finished, just need to do a little clean-up. If we don't do a good job on the clean-up our stucco just doesn't look as good. A little extra effort on clean-up and our jobs are perfect.

We just pulled down the tarps and got our first real look at things. We were not quite ready, we still had stone to put up, but the wind was terrible and so we had to pull them down and set them back up later in order to work on the stone. It was nice to see though.