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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bryce Nelson Sawgrass

 I really should take a picture of the view of the mouth of American Fork Canyon from the living room windows. It is beautiful. In the winter you can see a herd of Mountain Sheep across canyon road lingering on the golf course and the side hills.
 We still have a little bit of work to do here on the foundation and we will be power washing the stone to bring our some of the vibrant colors that are still hiding. This is a natural thin stone that we call Apache. We mixed some smooth and tumbled Apache together this time as the stone continually changes as it is quarried.

 I really like how the stone caps look on the front posts.
 Work in progress, our guys installing the shake.

Just Right Homes Rhodes Res.

 This is my new favorite picture. I may have to get permission to use it in all my advertising. (like I do any) Well, if I did any I would want to include this picture.
 The detail on this bay really stands out on the front of the house.
As I get many requests across the country for color on our projects I thought I would let you all know the colors. Sherwin Williams Dovetail SW 7018, Pure White SW 7005
We worked on this beautiful home in Alpine this past winter. It has been to cold to finish the painting and it is a good thing since the homeowners (no first names to protect the innocent) needed all that time to decide on a color. :)
As you can see the time was worth it and they picked the perfect shade of grey for this house. Wow... It looks great guys.
Once again we decided to stucco the sides and rear and once we got the colors matched up the surfaces look great together. We carried some of the detail onto the side gables to tie together the different materials. Why stucco on the sides and back you are asking? about $12,000.00

From Ugly to Great!

 I wish I had a before and after picture of this project. This is the completed product. I'll try to explain and I hope the Crump's are not offended. :) Under the caps on this rock water feature, which by the way has live fish, was installed a series of grey precast caps with grey mortar joints. That is the mortar on the wall that you see. (NOT our mess) We meshed and base coated over the concrete caps to prep a smooth finish of Tuscan Plaster. Ohhhh.. Now I feel better
 You can see a little bit of the house in this picture. There is not any grey colors to be found.