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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jared Edwards - American Fork

This was a very fun house for us to work on. The owners were great to let us re-design the exterior. The plans showed full brick with corner precast quoins. A little outdated looking. We drew up some ideas to mix some stone and some brick areas together and came up with this design. Sorry there is a little glare on the picture but you can go see this house it is on 50 South and 375 East in American Fork.Because we added stucco to the sides and rear and kept only a short wainscoat of brick we were able to save a substantial amount of money for the homeowners. And, I think they have a much more up to date beautiful exterior.
The stucco is Spectrum Brown and 150% Spectrum brown on the trim. The soffits, fascia & gutters are Musket Brown.
We also made this cool chimney cap to finish off the chimney in the rear.

Brick is Sycamore and the stone is Cody's Blend. It has a couple different stones and a couple different colors added together.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Volkommen - Springville

This is the Architects rendering on the for sale sign in front. We matched this rendering with the stone and stucco colors.Main color is 200% Amarillo and the bottom band is Spectrum Brown. We used a texture finish to match the style of the home.
This is a stone from Hearth and Home. It is a blend we call Cody's Blend.

We just finished this house in Springville. We did the stucco, soffits, fascia, gutters & stone work. There is a rendering on the sign in front and we matched the colors and design as best we could. We deducted the stone from the entry to stay in budget, but added a nice trim and finish to the transition. Here are some work in progress pictures. This is the guys at work. Putting on the finishing touches.

Residential Design - Salem

This house in Salem was built for Cody's parent's. It is a wonderful house and has a great view of the valley from the rear and the mountains from the front. We did the stucco, soffits & fasica and a waterproof deck surface on the rear deck. I hope you like the pictures.
This is a waterproof deck surface over wood deck. Called Polytuff, a rubber membrane is rolled out over the wood, a sealer coat and colored flakes are added for durability and looks. It turned out pretty nice.

The rear of this house has a foundation that we stuccoed over. The storage room that you see the 2 doors is actually part of the foundation. We ran a control joint across and down the wall at the concrete transition. We lathed, base coated and finished the concrete. Gave a big concrete wall a much better finished look.