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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Volkommen - Provo Craftsman

Mike and Lisa and I had fun putting together the exterior finishes on this home. We combined Cement board lap siding & board & batt from Hardie, We used LP shakes and Mike did a 2 step paint on them to make them look very natural but last much longer. We used stucco to finish off the craftsman look but stay within our target price.
This is a natural stone Apache Ledgestone from Lance at Hearth & Home. I really like this stone and I we will be using it on some more houses that we are going to do for Volkommen.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Jared Edwards - American Fork

This was a very fun house for us to work on. The owners were great to let us re-design the exterior. The plans showed full brick with corner precast quoins. A little outdated looking. We drew up some ideas to mix some stone and some brick areas together and came up with this design. Sorry there is a little glare on the picture but you can go see this house it is on 50 South and 375 East in American Fork.Because we added stucco to the sides and rear and kept only a short wainscoat of brick we were able to save a substantial amount of money for the homeowners. And, I think they have a much more up to date beautiful exterior.
The stucco is Spectrum Brown and 150% Spectrum brown on the trim. The soffits, fascia & gutters are Musket Brown.
We also made this cool chimney cap to finish off the chimney in the rear.

Brick is Sycamore and the stone is Cody's Blend. It has a couple different stones and a couple different colors added together.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Volkommen - Springville

This is the Architects rendering on the for sale sign in front. We matched this rendering with the stone and stucco colors.Main color is 200% Amarillo and the bottom band is Spectrum Brown. We used a texture finish to match the style of the home.
This is a stone from Hearth and Home. It is a blend we call Cody's Blend.

We just finished this house in Springville. We did the stucco, soffits, fascia, gutters & stone work. There is a rendering on the sign in front and we matched the colors and design as best we could. We deducted the stone from the entry to stay in budget, but added a nice trim and finish to the transition. Here are some work in progress pictures. This is the guys at work. Putting on the finishing touches.

Residential Design - Salem

This house in Salem was built for Cody's parent's. It is a wonderful house and has a great view of the valley from the rear and the mountains from the front. We did the stucco, soffits & fasica and a waterproof deck surface on the rear deck. I hope you like the pictures.
This is a waterproof deck surface over wood deck. Called Polytuff, a rubber membrane is rolled out over the wood, a sealer coat and colored flakes are added for durability and looks. It turned out pretty nice.

The rear of this house has a foundation that we stuccoed over. The storage room that you see the 2 doors is actually part of the foundation. We ran a control joint across and down the wall at the concrete transition. We lathed, base coated and finished the concrete. Gave a big concrete wall a much better finished look.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Olsen Beal remodel by Residential Design

I am posting this project that we did 3 years ago for Cody Trotter. It was a little bit unique as we were adding a wainscoat of stucco to a metal building. We actually screwed our lath to the building with self tapping screws and stuccoed right over our lath. We added an EIFS trim cap to the top and we helped turn this ordinary looking building into an attractive storefront. We were asked to bid on a similar project for Quikrete in Salt Lake. We were not the cheapest bid, so I wanted to send them this post to have a reference for what we can do for them.
3 years and no damage or cracking. This is the East side of the building.

These 2 pictures are of the south side of the building.

All American Construction - Majestic Meadows

We did the south side of this building last winter and just completed the center and north sides. This is a condo type business park, where the businesses actually own their building instead of being a tenant. Making payment on your own building is much better than paying rent on someone else's building. Way to take advantage of a good thing Timp Dry Cleaners, Dance Showcase, and now Sunsational Awnings. This is right off State St. in Pleasant Grove, north of the rodeo grounds. All American has several more sites to build these condo's. If you are looking for something like this get in touch with them, they would be happy to build you something as well.
John and Reed are the owners of All American Construction. They let me pick the colors and do some tweaking on the design. I hope you like it. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Residential Design - Cody Trotter

Finished Fireplace - All ready for a big flatscreen T.V.
Cody Trotter is the owner of Residential Design and Construction. As you can see from these pictures he does a great job. He is unique in that he does the design, draws up all the plans, plans are as good as any I see. He does all the framing, finish work and more. He is always on the job to keep us on track and answer any questions or make needed changes. We have been working with Cody for several years and it has always been a great experience.
We work with a bunch of really great contractors but Cody springs ahead of all the rest by doing one extra thing that makes working on his projects great. He always pays us when we are done. I don't mean eventually he pays us in 30 to 60 days out, but usually as we are cleaning up. Not sure how he wrestles the draws out of the bank before we even get finished but it has saved our bacon a few times and it is always great not worrying about how long we may have to carry the labor and material bills associated with doing our work. Thanks Cody
The stone is a blend of 4 different stones blended together. Our guys did a great job and made it look easy. The soffits & Fascia is Musket Brown and we even made this cool Chimney Cap.

I really liked how the small brick wainscoat and stone transitioned. We added a stone sill above the brick. Didn't have a good picture of the stucco but the color is Spectrum Brown on the wall and 200% Spectrum Brown on the trim bands.
I think I will try to get a picture of the fireplace finished, but here is a picture of the guys busy working on the fireplace. They are the best!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Worcester Construction - Shrader Remodel

Dave Passey is the contractor on this addition remodel. I will try to get some before pictures when we are done so you can see the huge transformation that has taken place. As you can see we are still working on this project. I am putting the post on here because the homeowners scheduled a trip to France some time ago and had to leave before it was completed. They are anxious to see the progress. So, here you go Vince and Michelle Shrader. I wish I was in France with you.We have been waiting on some of the window surrounds. Filiberto and Ruben are working on the front door trim.
We are working on a mortar color that will fit this beautiful stone. We added some blond color to get a little yellow into our gray base. It will take awhile to dry so it is hard to know how light it will end up being but if you look at the stone on Bryce Nelson - Loveland it is the same mortar color. I would like to move forward and finish the stone up but want to get a go ahead from the Shrader.
This stone is called Grandberry and I still need to find out where it comes from. It is a striking match to the stone that is throughout France and I think is the perfect pick for this house. The stucco color is Sunset Yellow with a texture finish applied.
We are still waiting for all our shapes to arrive. Still no left hand sills. These beautiful window surrounds are a lightweight, foam core, with natural limestone applied over the top. It is called Tuscan Stone and I will put a link to their site on this blog when I figure out how how to do that. I will ask one of my kids.

Bryce Nelson Residence - Interior

We don't have many interior pictures for our blog, but I am certain after you all see this we will have more to come. Bryce was telling me about this very cool fireplace and i asked him if I could do some Tuscan Plaster with some water stains. This is why I love to work with Bryce, he said sure sounds good to him. Here is what we ended up with. I hope you like it as much as we do.
The stone is the same as the exterior "Jackson Moss" with Khaki Mortar color. We also ordered a 2.5 inch thick solid piece of sandstone for the hearths. They are very cool but I wasn't sure we were ever going to get them inside. I am not sure how much each one weighed but 6 grown men could lift it up but moving it was a different story. Anyway we couldn't drive the forklift inside the house so with some old ancient tricks I picked up from the egyptians we were able to get them in and set.
The top is Tuscan Plaster over 2" thick foam to build it out past the stone. We used a neutral color and added some brown and a little green colors to our staining. We were also working on the brick wall in the entry and Bryce let us inset some of the bricks into the foam.
This is the Kitchen exhaust that we used the same technique as the fireplace. The house is very open and the kitchen and family room are together so these 2 features really look great together.
In the entry we also applied Tuscan Plaster right over the sheetrock and did some staining as well. It's hard to see and I couldn't get a good picture. The brick that we put on the entry wall is a thin cut brick, but you would never know it. It will look even better when Bryce gets some pictures mounted over it.