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Monday, November 1, 2010

Residential Design - Salem

This house in Salem was built for Cody's parent's. It is a wonderful house and has a great view of the valley from the rear and the mountains from the front. We did the stucco, soffits & fasica and a waterproof deck surface on the rear deck. I hope you like the pictures.
This is a waterproof deck surface over wood deck. Called Polytuff, a rubber membrane is rolled out over the wood, a sealer coat and colored flakes are added for durability and looks. It turned out pretty nice.

The rear of this house has a foundation that we stuccoed over. The storage room that you see the 2 doors is actually part of the foundation. We ran a control joint across and down the wall at the concrete transition. We lathed, base coated and finished the concrete. Gave a big concrete wall a much better finished look.

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