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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Platinum Landscape - Retaining Wall

Our friend Rick Minzer owns Platinum Landscaping. He is a talented visionary Landscaper and creates beautiful yards. We were lucky to be involved in one of his projects and turned an ordinary retaining wall into an extension of the house. The house was already existing and it was our challenge match not only the stucco from the foundation but the Tuscan Stone work from the entry. Take a look and see what you think, I think it turned out great.
Above the wall has a Tuscan Stone cap and stucco on the concrete wall to match the stucco on the house foundation. We hand applied Tuscan Stone to these concrete pillars below and hand scribed the block joints and put chinking into the joints to look like block.
The cap on the wall and pillars were precast by Tuscan Stone and set in place. We had a couple of hick-ups along the way. The cast shapes came and the color had some pink cast to it and the texture wasn't quite what we had hoped. We ended up hand applying a new finish over the cast parts to get the right color and texture. Our guys saved the day with there great abilities. If you remember we had some very wet weather in May. So we discovered that if you add a sealer to the Tuscan Stone prior to the moisture totally getting out of the Tuscan it will all turn a very bright white color. Wish I had taken a picture. Not to worry however, a little acid, a brush and a power washer takes it right off. Thanks Heavens.
Anyway, love how it looks with the landscaping all done. Thanks to Rick for including us in this project.

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