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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bryce Nelson - Loveland Res.

We have been working with Bryce Nelson for many years, this was a parade home that we did with Bryce several years ago and he has been involved in 2 addition remodels with the Loveland's. This is the latest addition, we tied into the old, added stucco, stone and brick.
It was a bit tricky matching the old stone as the original company was no longer in business, but we put together a blend of stones that I think matched pretty good.

This is the largest part of the addition built out over the deck is a very cool master bedroom and above the garage a large exercise room complete with a sauna and golf simulator. My wife, the trainer, would be in heaven.
This is part of the exercise room we plastered the interior walls with textured, colored plaster called Diamond Wall. It looks oldish and made the room fir the back alley theme.

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