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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bryce Nelson Residence - Exterior

Bryce Nelson finally built himself a house. We really had fun working on this with him. I had to separate the posts on this house to include the cool stuff Bryce let us do on the interior. But the stone on the exterior turned out great. What do you think?
The Stone was gathered out near Jackson Hole Wyoming area and is why it is called "Jackson Moss" It is a Natural thin stone just picked of the ground. If you zoom in on the pictured maybe you can see the different color of moss growing on the stone. Also, the stone sills are a sandstone called Sabastian.
We waited for the concrete to be poured so we could take the stone all the way down over the foundation to the concrete. This was my great idea and I think it was a good one.
Zoom here to see the moss colors. Also we added a some color to our mortar to get it to match the stucco. The mortar color is Khaki 1.5 lb color bag to two 70 lb bags of spec mix.
The stucco color is a color Bryce and I made up years ago on a home that we have used on a few other homes and decided it was only fitting that we used it on his house since we named it "Brycewood Brown" We did a slight texture finish.

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